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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Busy Week...

It has been a busy couple of days for my family. Wednesday my mom, dad and sister came into town for what was supposed to be a simple doctor’s appointment for my sister. Instead it turned into a pre-op appointment! The doctor recommended that they go ahead and remove her non-functioning shunt and by the way…let’s do it tomorrow. SO…my sister had her fourth brain surgery on Thursday.

As you can see from the next picture, her hair was only now beginning to grow back from the last surgery...(left to right: Grandma Mimi, Caleb and Aunt Sarah)Photobucket

This is a picture of Sarah taken in the ICU after she got out of surgery (sorry for the bad quality…it’s taken with my phone)…Photobucket

This is a picture of Sarah’s scar…I took her picture while she was taking a nap…don’t tell…Photobucket

While Sarah was being pampered at the hospital, my dad was babysitting Caleb. Allison had her first class of the semester on Friday and I had my second teeth cleaning so my Dad “volunteered” to watch Caleb while I was at the dentist.

Below is a picture of my dad trying to feed Caleb a bottle…Photobucket

My dad took Caleb out on the front porch and some of my neighbor’s grandkids came over to see baby Caleb.

The first picture of Caleb and the boys…(left to right: Hudson, Caleb, Brock, Brittain, and Ryne David)Photobucket

After I took the first picture, I commented that Caleb had his head down, so they tried to help him by lifting his head for him. It was too funny…Photobucket

I thought the following was the best picture of the boys…Photobucket

The next few pictures were too cute not to post…

So far Caleb actually likes his new highchair...Photobucket

And Caleb LOVES his bouncy chair...Photobucket

This is a picture of Caleb in his mommy’s lap…FINALLY he dozed off…

Last, but not least, a picture of the luckiest woman in the world…


Unknown said...

that is a pretty picture of your wife!!!! Oh and the baby is cute too!! HA!

Bridget said...

Aw! I love when boys hold babies! That is too funny! I bet Caleb will doing that to my kids when I have them!