The Two of Us...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Allison caught the laugh!

Allison made Caleb laugh today and caught it on the following video. It is the sweetest sound you will ever hear.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Caleb laughed...

...Just not when I was home. Allison called me at work today and Caleb laughed on the phone. I have therefore decided to quit my job and stay home full time just in case I miss seeing other first in the life of my son. Allison will just have to go back to work.

Once I got home from my last day at the office, we tried to get him to laugh on camera, but with limited results. Enjoy...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Hat

Grandpa M. and Grammi-chelle came for a visit yesterday and brought Caleb new clothes…including a new hat! I think our Caleb will be quite the Gangsta.

Caleb also couldn’t stop smiling at Grandpa M. One day the boy will laugh – he was SO close as you can tell by the following picture.

Magic Shoes

Mama says they was magic shoes. They could take me anywhere.
--Forrest Gump

Caleb wore shoes for the first time today. Too bad his feet didn't quite fill the shoes, but never the less he had them on!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

We made it three months...

Today Caleb turned 3 months old. He is growing so much I was afraid to put the bear beside him for fear he would eat it. Those stuffed bears have little to no nutritional value.

Enjoy Caleb's 3 month picture...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Daddy and Son

I don't usually post pictures of myself, but Allison took a few this evening and needless to say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Typically, I come home from work and, if Caleb is not eating, he and I have some father son bonding time. This evening wasn’t anything special, but took a strange twist at the end.

I was lying on the couch, holding Caleb and watching a little TV at the same time. I would hold his arms, he would stand up or sit down and do what babies do…grin, grunt and grimace. See video below…

While we were playing one of his stand up / sit down games he just leaned all the way over and decided to rest a little bit right on my nose. It isn’t my fault that I inherited the “family nose”…at least it is comfortable.
After his rest, Caleb decided to take a short flight…Unlike his father, Caleb doesn’t mind flying.
We decided to change him into a sleeper and get ready for bed. Caleb was resting on my chest and rustling around and suddenly I let out a small yelp. My yelp was not out of pain, but out of sheer terror and surprise. Caleb had tried to nurse…ON ME!!!! My man mammaries have never been violated in such a way. I think I scared or embarrassed Caleb a little bit because he was very quiet after that. Below is a picture right after the “dry run”. You can see the slobber on my shirt. Caleb and I made a pact that we will never speak of this again.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Playtime with Daddy...again...

Mommy left Caleb and his daddy alone again today. She made some excuse about going to a meeting at the church, but secretly I think she just wanted to have some “alone time”. I bet she just drove around for two hours. We begged her not to go, but nevertheless she ignored our pleas and ran for the door.

Of course Caleb and I had to find something to do.

We started our time alone by doing a little laundry. If you really know me, you know that I HATE to fold towels. I think that is one reason I wanted to have a child…so that he could fold the towels for me. Caleb did an okay job, but I did notice that he folded a few of the towels with the tags on the outside. I showed him the error of his ways and made him refold those.

Since his mother and I had worked so hard on the yard the day before, I thought that today would be a perfect opportunity for him to learn a little bit about gardening. I found some old gloves and put him to work fine tuning one of the front flower beds. I think he has found his calling!

Caleb got a little tired after working in the yard, so he took a little breather on the front porch swing. I told him he could only rest for a little while because we had so much work to do.

It was getting a little dark outside, so we came inside and Caleb helped me on a project I’ve been working on for the past two or three weeks. He helped me sort and box family pictures. It was slow going at first, but once he discovered which pictures were to be sorted chronologically and which were to be sorted topically it was like he couldn’t be stopped.

When Allison came in from her meeting, she started shouting things about child labor laws and how certain jobs were just not appropriate for a two month old. At least that is what I think she said. It was difficult to hear because Caleb was sorting the pictures like a mad man!

She put me to work...

Saturday, Allison decided it was time that our front yard stopped looking like a refugee camp for weeds. She put me to work ripping, pulling and hacking at two of the flower beds in the front yard (ok...she helped too). It was a fierce battle between the forces of good (us) and the evil and vile overgrowth that had become our flower beds. After we had vanquished our foes, we took a little trip to Home Depot and tried to revive the economy by purchasing the following:

8 Gardenia Plants

2 Liripoe “Marc Anthony” Plants

8 Kalanchoe Plants

72 Yellow Marigold Plants

The pictures below are the semi-finished flower beds. We still need to get some mulch to cover the weed block fabric. I think Allison can do that without my help.

The flower bed near the street…

The flower bed near the front porch…

Can you see Caleb and I on the front porch?…

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

New clothes

We fell into the gap on Saturday and used a gift card that I think we received way before Caleb was born. Kids they are the gift that keeps giving.

Caleb wore his new outfit to church on Sunday. Speaking from experience, it is difficult being the best looking person in a room, but Caleb handled it well.


Tummy Time

Caleb HATES tummy time. The doctor says it is very important and so does the pamphlet that he gave us.

It says...
In the first months of life, babies learn about movement of their body and develop the physical skills required for rolling over, sitting and crawling. They learn to respond and adapt to challenges. For this reason, a baby needs the opportunity to play on its tummy…blah blah blah...

This is the progression of tummy time for Caleb.

1. "Wait...what is I on my tummy?"
2. "Hold on a minute...they wouldn't do that to me...they know I hate this!"
3. "They did put me on my tummy. I'll show them!"
4. "HA HA HA...Whose the boss now!? I bet you won't put me on my tummy again."

Saturday, March 14, 2009

When Mommy is away...

Allison left Daddy and Caleb alone today so she could take a quick trip to Target. When mommy is away the boys will play!

Caleb and I had a great time.

The first thing I did was comb my son’s hair to be more like his father. From now on everyone can address me as Vidal Sassoon. Caleb seemed to like it.

The next thing we did was play a little bit of Wii. I, of course, won the game. Caleb’s hand eye coordination is not quite up to “Call of Duty, World at War”!

After I smoked him at that game, I thought it would be appropriate to put the kid to work. Caleb helped me with some engineering that I had to get done by Monday. Even though he didn’t do that well on the Wii, he was amazingly adept at Civil Engineering.

Caleb's brain was just tuckered out after performing such complicated calculations, so he enjoyed a little light reading in the afternoon.

I insisted that Caleb put the book down. After all, I am trying to make this boy a well rounded individual. Since mommy abandoned us for so long, we were able to fit in a music lesson. Caleb hasn’t mastered the piano yet, but man he can play a mean tambourine!

Next time Allison leaves we may rebuild the garage. I have a feeling that Caleb will do wonderful things with power tools!

2 month doctor visit

Friday was a day of torture for poor Caleb. We took him to the doctor for his 2 month check up and they pumped him full of vaccines in an effort to stop the pox from taking over the world.

We are now vaccinated for the following:
Haemophilus Influenzae type b (Hib)

Thankfully it was only two shots and one oral dose. Even so, my son was marred by two mismatched Band-Aids for the better part of the day (see picture below).

Of course they also weighed and measured him. Oh good grief…he is a chunk…He is now 23.75 inches tall (95th percentile) and he weighs 14 pounds (90th percentile). Since we now have a number of measurements, the progress can now be depicted graphically.



Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tickle and Toot

Caleb and I had playtime this afternoon after church. I recorded it for posterity. It has some interesting sounds for your enjoyment.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Walk and play

Allison took Caleb on a walk Thursday to our neighborhood park. Allison said he did great. They took a walk all around the pond and enjoyed the ducks. Needless to say we had duck soup that night.

See Caleb at the park...

See the ducks on the pond...

See Caleb playing...

Monday, March 2, 2009

First Trip

This weekend we made our first real trip. Allison and I loaded up the car with baby and bags and drove for 2 ½ hours to Caleb’s grandparents house in lovely East Texas. We were very surprised that Caleb did so well on the trip over there.

It was a very busy weekend, but we had a great time. I warn you it is a long entry. You can jump to the end to see the pictures and I won’t be offended.

Thursday afternoon / night:
There was much rejoicing at Caleb’s arrival. I don’t think my parents even realized that their middle child (ME) made the trip. I had the car half-way unloaded before they ever acknowledged my presence.

Friday morning:
My sister and I made a trip to Best Buy to purchase an external hard-drive and a new webcam.

Friday Afternoon:
We went to my mom’s school and met EVERY person who has ever even thought about stepping in the doors. In fact, I think my mom pulled in people off the street to show them her grandson.

Friday Afternoon (later):
David and I went BACK to Best Buy where my brother bought a Playstation 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh…I can’t believe HE bought a Playstation 3 before me! I am SO jealous. It is the coolest thing in the known universe. Maybe someday he will let me play it.

Friday Evening:
Our very best friends in the whole wide world (Charlie and Donna) came over on Friday night to have dinner with the family. They brought their grandson, Brayon, and we had a wonderful time. Brayon found an electric thermometer and proceeded to take everyone’s temperature…even the baby (see pictures below).

Saturday Morning:
Caleb was a little stinky, so we used the grandparent’s kitchen sink to give him a much needed bath. As always, the pictures below are censored for young audiences.

We loaded up the family and took a little trip to the Antique Capital of Texas (Gladewater) to visit and show off Caleb to one of my long time friends, Dianna. It had been forever since I had seen Dianna and even longer since I had been back to her shop.

We took Caleb to meet all the people at my parent’s church. Even though I had never been to this church, it reminded me so much of the churches that I grew up in. It is funny how some things change and others stay exactly the same.

Sunday afternoon:
We found a huge box full of pictures from ages past. I brought them back with me and plan on scanning a ton of them. Keep coming back to the blog...maybe I will post some of the better ones. I was a CUTE CUTE kid!

Sunday evening:
We left lovely East Texas and Caleb screamed and cried for the first 30 minutes of our trip back. I think my parents pinched him or something when we put him in the car!

The pictures…

Grandpa talking to Caleb...
Grandma showing off Caleb's new "shoes"...
Uncle David NOT waking the baby...
Aunt Sarah scaring the baby with her "Frankenstein" scar...just kidding.
Bath time in the sink...
More bath time in the sink...
Brayon, Donna, Grandma and Caleb...
Brayon taking Caleb's temperature...
Brayon and Caleb's Grandpa showing off their overalls!