The Two of Us...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays...

Since it rained the entire weekend, and the work that I would normally LOVE to do…like…mow the yard…scrape paint…power wash the garage…weed the flowerbeds…etc…were all off limits, I decided it was time to finish the great picture sort.

For almost 2 days straight, I worked and toiled to finish sorting and preserving approximately 8000 photographs, old report cards of my parents, every valentine’s card my dad ever received, hundreds of negatives, and also a few keep sakes from my childhood.

I ALMOST finished…there is a big zip lock bag full of a bunch of “unknown” people, but that will have to wait until I talk to the brain trust (my parents).

Below are a few pictures documenting the process. I will never print these two pictures, because then I would have to find a place for them.



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