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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday Times

Yesterday we tried out a new church. It is close to "the little house in the hood" and has a private school where we are thinking about sending Caleb. We kept Caleb in "big church" with us and he did very well. There were only a few times that he started to get restless, but nothing major.

After church, we took a mini vacation. We loaded up the car and drove all the way up to Frisco to the most wonderful store in the world...Ikea. After the eight hour drive, we reached mecca.

There was a ton of stuff that I wanted to buy, but Allison has yet to support me in the way I want to be accustomed. So, we only got two items...both of them for Caleb. We got a step-stool and a bag of finger puppets.

This is what the step-stool looked like when we got home.

This is what the stool looked like after about six hours of hard labor!

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