The Two of Us...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gangsta Rap...I mean "wrap"..

We got the coolest thing in the mail today. Allison’s friend Terri (mother of Molly-see July 28th blog entry) sent the sweetest card and a “Maya Ring Wrap”. I don’t think it is a Blu-ray Player. I think it is a device that you carry the baby in. You guys be the judge.



I'm telling you...Pregnancy is like Christmas everyday!


Unknown said...

First of all...Christmas is not nearly as much work as pregnancy! Second, I didn't have this exact wrap but I had a wrap and they are the best. They are so much better than the carriers like a snugli. You will love this.

MEO said...

Is the instructional DVD really necessary? Josh (my husband) asks if it is a Blu-Ray DVD...thus necessitating a player. We'll get you something you want out of this, Stephen!