The Two of Us...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Party like it's your birthday...

I turned 33 today. Thirty-three years ago, I was welcomed into the world with much fanfare. To this very day, countless people are still celebrating this day. It is amazing how much joy and pure bliss one person (that would be me) can bring to such a planet. I know that many of you feel that your life would not be complete without my presence, my wit, my humility, my courageous spirit and my handsome face. I am writing this to calm your fears. I am STILL here. STILL here after 33 years!

My lovely wife and son showered me with tributes to honor the day of my birth.

Allison made me such a handsome cake and ruined it by putting 33 candles on top of it. When we removed the candles, it looked like the surface of the moon…It was scarred with all those birthday candle craters.

This year my son bought me the 5th season of my favorite TV show. He gave me LOST on BLU-RAY. I will say it again…It was on BLU-RAY. That means I HAVE to get a BLU-RAY Player…eventually…doesn’t it….isn’t that what it means?

My wife also gave me a couple of gifts. She gave me my very own gravy boat and ladle. I had kindly mentioned to her at Thanksgiving that we did not have a gravy boat. How is one supposed to serve gravy if they don’t have a gravy boat? It was just a question. It wasn’t like I used the word “uncivilized” or “vulgar”. I really don’t know how I survived for 33 years without a gravy boat. My life is now complete…except I don’t have a Blu-Ray player yet, but who knows…maybe sometime soon.

Enjoy a picture of my Blu-Ray LOST Season 5…Thank you Caleb…

Enjoy a picture of my gravy boat…Dharma Initiative issued (LOST fans will know what this means)…

Enjoy a picture of my Dharma Initiative issued ladle…

This picture is a bonus…Father and Son (this is the son that got me the LOST Season 5 on Blu-Ray)…


grandpa M said...

Caleb...Walmart will exchange pretty much anything without a receipt. You can swap the blu-ray for DVD..
Stephen.. expect some gravy as a belated birthday gift. I thought I felt the ground slightly quiver yesterday, now I know why..
Yea to 33 years!

Unknown said...

you are so right, Stephen, without your humility my life would not be complete