The Two of Us...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hospital Fun...Day 2

We had a pretty good night last night. I slept on a semi-uncomfortable "bed" and Allison of course slept on the hospital bed and baby Caleb slept in the nursery! Caleb would make an appearance every 3 hours or so to get a little food. I only woke up once around 3:00am...Duty calls. Thankfully Allison knew not to wake me up more than that since I had such a rough time during the labor. That pushing exhausted me.

We filled out all the birth-certificate, social security stuff and we even had his picture made "professionally". We ordered two of the poses that turned out pretty good. I will post the website and pictures when they are ready. Thankfully our friend, Ludie, gave us a bag full of baby stuff so we used a 'Winnie the Pooh' toy as a prop in the pictures. It wasn't until that moment that we realized that we didn't bring much of anything for the baby when we came to the hospital. Oh well...we will know what to bring for the next one.


Bridget Kay said...

I had better be getting one of those pictures!

Anonymous said...

He is way to cute.... Congrats Mom and Dad.... Susie