The Two of Us...

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sleep...what's that!?

Last night was HORRIBLE! Caleb was in his cradle by the side of our bed and I casually mentioned to Allison that I hope I am not like those parents who go over and wake the baby up because they are sleeping too quietly. Moments after I said those words the clouds gathered over our bedroom, streaks of lightening flashed across the ceiling heralding the doom that was to be our night. Allison tried to feed Caleb, we tried to burp Caleb, we changed him, we swaddled him, we un-swaddled him, we changed his clothes, we rocked, we walked, we giggled, we swayed, we caressed, we prayed to God above that Caleb would PLEASE go to sleep!

Everyone had warned me that our lives would change. Well I thought they were saying that we would have more change…meaning coins, money, cabbage, moolah. I had no idea that what it really meant was that we would never ever be able to reach REM sleep and that we would end up going crazy from exhaustion and would want to scream and cry along with the baby!? Thanks everyone for being so forthcoming with the impending doom that would be our lives after we had a kid.

Finally, after wrestling with our perfect son from 9:00pm to 2:30am, and seriously only being able to sleep for 10 minutes, I took Caleb into the living room to try to sleep sitting up (He was having issues with laying down). Thank goodness my mother woke up around that time (might have had something to do with me kicking her in the head so she would wake up and rescue us). The next morning my mother said that Caleb slept fine. She just held him in the comfy chair and she and he slept until Allison took him to feed. I hope and pray that tonight goes better than last night.


Penni said...

When Preston was first at home he had his days and nights mixed up a bit. Don't worry, slowly it should turn around. I know it seems horrible at the time, but this too shall pass and then I promise you will miss him being a sweet newborn! :) I hope ya'll get more sleep tonight.

Kimmy said...

oh you're funny... totally cracking me up... seriously.

I promise. You will sleep again... these early nights are difficult - but he'd only this tiny for such a short time.

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Caleb. I so love it that this tiny little person has already seized control from "Mr. Control." Seeing Stephen inconvenienced...that makes my day! Go Caleb...!! Love, Tedi

Don Dodson said...

Our youngest is seven years old, and we are still sleep deprived. Get used to it!