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Monday, March 2, 2009

First Trip

This weekend we made our first real trip. Allison and I loaded up the car with baby and bags and drove for 2 ½ hours to Caleb’s grandparents house in lovely East Texas. We were very surprised that Caleb did so well on the trip over there.

It was a very busy weekend, but we had a great time. I warn you it is a long entry. You can jump to the end to see the pictures and I won’t be offended.

Thursday afternoon / night:
There was much rejoicing at Caleb’s arrival. I don’t think my parents even realized that their middle child (ME) made the trip. I had the car half-way unloaded before they ever acknowledged my presence.

Friday morning:
My sister and I made a trip to Best Buy to purchase an external hard-drive and a new webcam.

Friday Afternoon:
We went to my mom’s school and met EVERY person who has ever even thought about stepping in the doors. In fact, I think my mom pulled in people off the street to show them her grandson.

Friday Afternoon (later):
David and I went BACK to Best Buy where my brother bought a Playstation 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh…I can’t believe HE bought a Playstation 3 before me! I am SO jealous. It is the coolest thing in the known universe. Maybe someday he will let me play it.

Friday Evening:
Our very best friends in the whole wide world (Charlie and Donna) came over on Friday night to have dinner with the family. They brought their grandson, Brayon, and we had a wonderful time. Brayon found an electric thermometer and proceeded to take everyone’s temperature…even the baby (see pictures below).

Saturday Morning:
Caleb was a little stinky, so we used the grandparent’s kitchen sink to give him a much needed bath. As always, the pictures below are censored for young audiences.

We loaded up the family and took a little trip to the Antique Capital of Texas (Gladewater) to visit and show off Caleb to one of my long time friends, Dianna. It had been forever since I had seen Dianna and even longer since I had been back to her shop.

We took Caleb to meet all the people at my parent’s church. Even though I had never been to this church, it reminded me so much of the churches that I grew up in. It is funny how some things change and others stay exactly the same.

Sunday afternoon:
We found a huge box full of pictures from ages past. I brought them back with me and plan on scanning a ton of them. Keep coming back to the blog...maybe I will post some of the better ones. I was a CUTE CUTE kid!

Sunday evening:
We left lovely East Texas and Caleb screamed and cried for the first 30 minutes of our trip back. I think my parents pinched him or something when we put him in the car!

The pictures…

Grandpa talking to Caleb...
Grandma showing off Caleb's new "shoes"...
Uncle David NOT waking the baby...
Aunt Sarah scaring the baby with her "Frankenstein" scar...just kidding.
Bath time in the sink...
More bath time in the sink...
Brayon, Donna, Grandma and Caleb...
Brayon taking Caleb's temperature...
Brayon and Caleb's Grandpa showing off their overalls!


Anonymous said...

That's it, next time I see you me and my Frankenstein scar are gonna kick your booty! Just you wait! I loved the OTHER pictures...

Anonymous said...

Cutest blog yet! I loved the pictures and comments. I fixed the sound on the web cam last night....Sarah and I tried it out and it works good.
Thanks for the laughs...
Gmom Kitchens

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed the visit so much....what cute little boys!
I love being a grammy and I can help spoil Caleb if you will come more often!

Unknown said...

I wish Kati Ann & Caleb could play together though KA might crush Caleb. She's kind of rough with babies but she would LUUUUV Caleb.