The Two of Us...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prepared Childbirth?

We had our first class on Saturday to prepare us for the birthing of the baby. It was VERY informative. However, if I see one more GRAPHIC depiction of squeezing a grapefruit through a crazy straw before Allison has her chance I don’t know what I will do.

The class was about five hours long and within that short time we watched a few videos of some babies birthin! I am all about learning of the circle of life, but good grief I’m all for a little careful camera positioning too. This class confirmed that I will be staying up near Allison’s head when it is time for Caleb to enter the world.

We toured the hospital, saw the delivery rooms, and briefly practiced the birthin’ breathin'.

I’m glad we went and I am glad that it is over.


Penni said...

I love your shelf. How exciting to see things coming together!!! :)I never had the joy of taking a birthing class...but it sounds exhausting...and graphic.

Amy Welker said...

where are you havnig the baby?