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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bon Voyage

This evening we went over to my father-in-law’s home to say bon voyage to Allison’s brother, Ryan. He will leave the continental U.S. to go to the greener pastures of Hawaii. Maybe we will just have to go visit him once he gets settled.

It was a regular family fest over at Casa de Jeff and Michelle. The hosts/guests included Me, Allison, Caleb, Jeff, Michelle, Ryan, Brianna, Justin (old), Laureli, Jacob, Elaina, Justin (young), Meagan, Marian, Peter, and Lucas. I had not realized that it was the first time that Allison’s Aunt Marian and Uncle Peter had seen our little buddle of joy. They, of course, were in awe of Caleb and I’m sure they meant to comment how much he inherited his father’s stunning good looks and charm (they must have forgot).

Below is a picture of Aunt Marian holding Caleb…

Did you notice that my son is wearing “overalls”?

overalls, [noun, oh-ver-awls]
loose, sturdy trousers, usually with a bib or biblike piece to which shoulder straps are attached, originally worn over other trousers to protect them, as by factory workers or farmers


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the definition - I don't think we quite understood the concept of overalls...I know you were just looking out for the stupid people!!!